This message appears to be encrypted. If you supply the session key here, we can dump the content of the encryption container.

Note: Please do not use this service to inspect sensitive information. Instead, install Sequoia, and use sq toolbox packet dump.

Public-Key Encrypted Session Key Packet, new CTB, 94 bytes
    Version: 3
    Recipient: 8BD88E94C0D20333
    Pk algo: ECDH
Public-Key Encrypted Session Key Packet, new CTB, 268 bytes
    Version: 3
    Recipient: 49E2118166C92632
    Pk algo: RSA
Sym. Encrypted and Integrity Protected Data Packet, new CTB, 62 bytes
│   Version: 1
│   Session key: 092F816748B2C6FCA49130E931F9DDCF46E4106CE3C4A8437AB660E0C6FED0A1
│   Symmetric algo: AES-256
│   Decryption successful
├── Literal Data Packet, new CTB, 19 bytes
│       Format: Binary data
│       Content: "Test, 1-2-3.\n"
└── Modification Detection Code Packet, new CTB, 20 bytes
        Digest: 241FB06D6AE2153A3B3DB540F033C58600599458
        Computed digest: 241FB06D6AE2153A3B3DB540F033C58600599458 v0.1.0 built from 3a1d975

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